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Ahmed Alomari is well known in the industry for his performance expertise. He has published several books on performance tuning with Prentice Hall. He has also presented on the subject of performance tuning at numerous conferences including Oracle OpenWorld, Oracle User groups, Oracle Applications Users Group (OAUG), VLDB, SANS, and Database and Client Server World. Prior to becoming an independent consultant and starting Cybernoor Corporation, Ahmed worked for Oracle Corporation for over 10 years, and he last held the position of Vice President of the Applications Performance Group in the Applications Development Division.

Ahmed managed the Applications performance group in Applications development and he was responsible for the performance and scalability of the E-Business Suite and the PeopleSoft Enterprise applications. As part of his role managing the Applications performance group at Oracle, Ahmed led the effort to migrate Oracle Applications to the cost based optimizer (CBO), as well as adopt advanced features in the Applications product lines including partitioning, Materialized Views, OLAP, VPD, parallel execution and many others. Ahmed has also worked with hundreds of customers to adopt Real Application Clusters (RAC) in Applications environments, and he led an effort (inside Oracle) to ensure Oracle Applications is RAC aware. He has close to 15 years of performance tuning expertise with large systems. In 1996, Ahmed was awarded the outstanding achievement award at the VLDB summit for Operational Databases from the Winter Corporation.


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Mark Farnham is well known for system and database configuration and optimization. Mark has assisted such clients as Burlington Coat Factory, Cisco Systems, Network Applications, and Paypal with database architecture, systems analysis and planning, and implementation and support of application optimization and database performance.

Mark has had great success working with very large databases. Since founding RIGHTSIZING, he has been involved in the configuration and tuning of some of the largest Oracle databases in the U.S. including such businesses as Kmart, Bechtel Corporation, the Latter Day Saints and PayPal. He also was a key member of the Massive Open System Environment Standards (MOSES) group and the Very Large Database (VLDB) group from their inception.

In addition to his proven technical expertise Mark has experience in strategic planning and structuring organizations. Mark was on the board of directors of the Oracle Applications User Group (OAUG) from its founding through its first nine years. During his tenure as President, conference attendance grew from about 200 to over 1,000, and the stage was set for globalization and growth to the 8,000 plus person conferences we came to know and love. This close association with the Oracle user group and Oracle application product management provides RIGHTSIZING with access to a significant knowledge and resource base. Mark recently accepted membership in the oaktable network. Click the table to go there.

Jerry Ireland, co-founder of RIGHTSIZING, has earned a reputation as a leading architect and developer of high-performance Oracle applications. With almost thirty years of consulting, he has considerable experience with implementation and development of Oracle's E-Business Suite, including complex customizations and extensions using Application Object Library and Workflow. He has designed and developed one of the more advanced "Vendor Managed Replenishment" systems with EDI interfaces to major retail chains such as Walmart, Kmart and Target. He has also designed web store systems interfaced to Oracle's Order Entry. Jerry has extensive development experience with large databases. He has a thorough knowledge of Oracle development tools. He has also participated in beta testing as far back as CASE 5.0, CASE 5.1 and ReportWriter 2.0. His most recent projects include work with Oracle Streams and BPEL.

Jerry has served on the board of directors of the Oracle Development Tools User Group from its infancy and is a regular speaker and panel member at the ODTUG and OAUG conferences. He has chaired several ODTUG conferences and has been a driving force behind collaboration between OAUG and ODTUG at OAUG conferences.
  Michael Brown is the Technical Manager and Senior DBA for Colibri Limited. He is known for working with configuration and performance management at the system and database levels. He has presented on the subjects of database administration and performance optimization at numerous conferences and user group meetings. He is a regular member of the Applications Database Optimization Panel at the Oracle Application User Group (OAUG) conferences and Oracle Openworld. He also is a regular member of the Linux, Migration and Upgrade panels at the OAUG conferences. Michael is the current chair of the OAUG Database SIG and the OAUG Education Committee.

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