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Businesses employ packaged applications such as the Oracle E-Business Suite, PeopleSoft, and Siebel to help automate business processes and leverage information to optimize and grow the business. As business demands continue to increase and become more and more challenging, it is important that the Applications systems be highly optimized and scalable in order to ensure the business can successfully grow without the underlying systems becoming a bottleneck. The nightmare scenario for a business is to have to turn away opportunities or even worse lose customers due to insufficient turnaround times caused by system, application, and/or business process bottlenecks.

Oracle’s packaged applications are complex and functionally rich product sets which require a high degree of expertise and aptitude to deploy and optimize. While there are numerous sources of functional and technical experts to assist with the functional implementation and deployment, there is a gap in the performance space of business applications. Applications customers often struggle with performance, scalability, and sizing issues due to the lack of well documented performance and scalability best practices. In addition, while some material exists which offers tuning tips on certain components of the technology stack of the Oracle Applications product lines, there isn't a clear and holistic set of documented best practices which assist with tuning the entire system from operating system and database to implementation and business flows. For example, optimizing the order entry system should not simply involve tuning the Database tier or Web tier, rather the entire order-to-cash process needs to be optimized which consists of technical components and functional components across the many separate business processes linked together as part of the order to cash flow.

In discussions with numerous customers to help address this gap, we established APPSPERF in order to provide a dedicated forum focusing on Oracle Applications performance tuning and best practices. The goal of APPSPERF is to ensure customers avoid performance problems rather than having to spend considerable time and resources reacting to performance issues. APPSPERF will achieve this goal by empowering customers via information sharing and bringing together world class experts to present proven tuning techniques and best practices via this dedicated forum. APPSPERF will be holding an annual event which will host the world’s top applications experts specialized in maximizing the performance and scalability of Oracle Applications. Given tomorrow's increasing challenges and the general Information Technology (IT) theme of "Accomplish more with less via automation and efficiency", it is absolutely essential that the Application systems powering today's businesses be performant, reliable, and scalable. The goal of APPSPERF is to provide Oracle Applications customers with tuning tips, best practices, and a holistic methodology to manage and resolve performance and scalability issues.

APPSPERF was created for you (the customer), and your feedback and participation is essential. Please send us any feedback you may have regarding topics, focus areas, and/or product information.

APPSPERF was founded by Ahmed Alomari of Cybernoor Corporation, Michael Brown of Colibri Limited, and Mark Farnham and Jerry Ireland of RIGHTSIZING, Inc. Ahmed, Michael, Mark, and Jerry are world class experts in the areas of Applications performance and best practices.


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